May Crystal Subscription Box


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Crystals have been used for centuries as tools to help women get through the many stages in our lives. From puberty to pregnancy and beyond through menopause - crystals can be there with you every step of your journey!

For us women each new life stage brings its own set of issues - but with the help of crystals we are able to sail through them all!

So with all that in mind, May's Crystal box is For The Girls! - a specially curated box of crystals for the many stages of our lives.

Here is some information on each of the crystals that were included in the box and how you can use them in your daily life.

Citrine Point
Bloodstone Sphere
Hematite Tumbles
Green Moonstone Palmstone
Kunzite Bracelet 


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 I still have a few of these boxes available to purchase as one-off boxes (no need for a subscription), so if you missed out, here's your chance :)


Curious about our Monthly Crystal Subscription Boxes?

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