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Desert Rose Selenite - Grief, Love and Panic Attacks

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Desert Rose Selenite is a very unique form of gypsum that forms in the shape of a flower.

These pieces of natural Selenite are roughly 3cm - 4cm

The price is for 1 piece and will be randomly chosen for you.


Desert Rose Selenite is an excellent stone for healing grief and abuse and for letting go of what holds you back from experiencing life to the full.

Desert rose carries the energy of universal love. By reminding you of your true nature, this stone gives you the ability to expand the love that you have and to attract it back to you.

Desert rose will calm panic attacks and assist with overcoming phobias, especially claustrophobia.

Desert Rose is a tool that helps you activate the scholar within. It opens the crown chakra to assist you in learning and retaining complex information.

*** All my crystals are consciously sourced.

because crystals touch many hands before they get to me there is no way i can 100% guarantee that my crystals are ethically sourced. however i do my best to research where my crystals are coming from and how and by whom they are mined.