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Dark Forest Collection: Dark Forest A5 Notebook

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Whether used for notes, lists, or journaling, this stunning A5 notebook will elevate your desktop with an ethereal dark forest design. Mystical mushrooms, a glowing luna moth and magickal plants are accented by gold foil page edges and a ribbon marker.

Don't miss the chance to own this extraordinary piece of stationery. Let your creativity soar as you journey through the pages of this notebook. Grab yours today and make every note a work of art.

Dimensions: 10 x 13 x 9 cm (3.9 x 5.1 x 3.5 in)

This item is part of the Dark Forest Collection.

*** All my crystals are consciously sourced.

because crystals touch many hands before they get to me there is no way i can 100% guarantee that my crystals are ethically sourced. however i do my best to research where my crystals are coming from and how and by whom they are mined.