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Chakra Crystal Chip Bracelet

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Introducing our exquisite Chakra Crystal Chip Bracelet, meticulously crafted to harmonise your energy centres and enhance your overall well-being. This stunning bracelet is an enchanting fusion of vibrant colours, metaphysical properties, and exquisite craftsmanship, designed to bring balance and positivity into your life.

At a comfortable size of 14cm (wrist size), this bracelet is beaded on elastic, so is perfect for a variety of wrist sizes, ensuring a snug fit that feels like it was made just for you. Each crystal chip in this bracelet represents one of the seven chakras, allowing you to tap into the incredible power and potential of these energy centres.


Beyond their captivating colours, each crystal boasts its unique metaphysical properties. Garnet promotes stability and grounding, Carnelian ignites passion and creativity, Citrine empowers confidence and abundance, Aventurine nurtures love and emotional healing, Aquamarine facilitates clear communication, Lapis Lazuli enhances intuition and spiritual awareness, while Amethyst deepens your connection to the divine.

Wearing this Chakra Crystal Chip Bracelet allows the crystals to resonate with your energy field, clearing any blockages, restoring balance, and rejuvenating your entire being. Whether you seek spiritual alignment, emotional healing, or a boost in creativity, this bracelet serves as a powerful tool to unlock your highest potential.

This bracelet features a flexible band adorned with an array of vibrant crystal chips, creating a harmonious fusion of style and holistic wellness. Whether worn alone or stacked with other bracelets, it adds a touch of fun to any outfit.

Elevate your spiritual journey, embrace your inner power, and experience the transformative energy of the chakra crystals with our enchanting Chakra Crystal Chip Bracelet. Don't miss the opportunity to invite harmony, balance, and positive energy into your life. Order yours today and embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and well-being.

The price is for 1 bracelet.

*** All my crystals are consciously sourced.

because crystals touch many hands before they get to me there is no way i can 100% guarantee that my crystals are ethically sourced. however i do my best to research where my crystals are coming from and how and by whom they are mined.

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