September Subscription Box - Sunstone

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Sunstone is usually a yellow, orange or red-brown colour. It can be transparent but is often opaque with iridescent reflections.

Sunstone is good for:



Sunstone is linked to luck and good fortune. It clears and energises all the chakras. Sunstone instils good nature, heightens intuition and allows the real self to shine through happily. It dissipates fearfulness, alleviates stress and increases vitality. Encourages independence and originality. Especially helpful to those who have difficulty saying “No” to others. Sunstone facilitates self-empowerment and independence. It acts as an antidepressant. Increases self-worth and confidence. Encourages optimism and enthusiasm. Stimulates self-healing powers.

In the physical body:

Sunstone treats chronic sore throats, reduces stomach tension and relieves ulcers. It treats cartilage and spinal problems.

Chakras - Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra
Zodiac - Leo and Libra
Element - Fire, Air

The best way to use Sunstone:

Like the disinfecting power of the sun, the Sunstone crystal is a powerful cleanser. It sweeps away negative energy and refreshes your aura. So keep it close.

If you suffer from nightmares, try placing a stone under your pillow or near your bed. You may find that your dreams become much more positive.

Wear as jewellery, so you can keep its good energy close all day.

Sunstone Affirmations:

  • I am proud of the person that I am.
  • I am strong and full of life.
  • I claim my power and move beyond all limitations.
  • I am filled with happiness and I spread joy everywhere I go.
  • I am creative and filled with joy.
  • I choose happiness and see the good side of everything.