September Subscription Box - Bronzite

 Monthly Crystal Subscription Box Australia | Moon Pebbles

Bronzite is a beautiful stone in a chocolate brown colour with shimmering golden swirls. It's most often found as tumble stones or palmstones.

Bronzite is good for:

Positive energy

Bronzite is a “stone of courtesy”, especially helpful to people who greet and assist the public. It will even instil a polite nature in those around you.

Emotionally, Bronzite promotes a loving and unprejudiced discernment within us. It provides the ability to resolve unsettled emotions in our life.

Bronzite is used for protection, as it not only repels, but also sends back the negative energies to the sender.

Spiritually, Bronzite assists us in achieving a state of certainty without wilfulness, allowing us to easily adapt to the best path to take. It clears confusion, helping our ability to make decisions and choices about our life path. 

Mentally, Bronzite provides us with the courage to act on our thoughts and feelings. It instils the courage to follow through with life path decisions.

In the physical body:

Bronzite can be used to bring an alkaline body state to the acid condition, helping to fight off infections. It can increase the assimilation of iron and provides an improved duration of iron within the physical body. It aids the body in the normal transformation of cycles.

Chakras - Sacral Chakra, Root Chakra
Zodiac - Leo
Element - Earth

The best way to use Bronzite:

Carrying a piece of Bronzite in your purse or pocket will keep your light and positivity as well as give you the confidence to stand up to demanding or unreasonable people who want to interfere in your life.

Bronzite Affirmations:

  • I am confident, strong and protected
  • I send out positive, loving energy and receive the same in return
  • I breathe in self confidence and breath out doubts