December Subscription Box - Peach Moonstone

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Peach Moonstone is usually a tan brown to a very light peach/pink colour.

Peach Moonstone is good for:

Stress Relief
New Beginnings

Peach Moonstone radiates soothing and loving energy. It can bring relief to emotional issues like depression or anger.

Peach Moonstone helps to bring out the best in everyone and can be an emotional support in many situations. It can ease your worries and prepare you for new beginnings.

Peach Moonstone stimulates the Heart and Crown Chakras. It supports the heart and infuses it with love, while simultaneously activating positive thoughts.

It is associated with the energy of the moon and is thought by some to be an especially feminine stone. Peach Moonstone can have a balancing effect and brings inner harmony.

Peach Moonstone cultivates a sense of safety and a willingness to be vulnerable in a healthy relationship.

Chakras - Heart and Crown Chakra
Zodiac - Cancer and Libra
Element - Air

The best way to use Peach Moonstone:

Wear a Peach Moonstone bracelet if you’re looking for a crystal for creativity or to help you achieve healthy communication with others.

For parents with children who have problems with sleeping, Peach Moonstone is going to become an important part of the nighttime routine. The healing properties of this soothing stone can help with sleep issues such as nightmares, sleepwalking or difficulty staying asleep. Place the stone under the child’s pillow or on a bedside table for the best results.

Meditating with Peach Moonstone helps achieve calmness.


Peach Moonstone Affirmations:

  • I am calm and have nothing to fear
  • I am creating new beginnings
  • My tension is melting away
  • I am free from stress
  • I am a positive person who attracts positive things into my life