4 Crystals For Your Protection

4 Crystals For Your Protection

Whether you need protection from toxic people, bad energy or your own negative thoughts, here are my favourite crystals to help you protect yourself.

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Bloodstone - Keeps out undesirable influences.

Tiger's Eye - Traditionally carried as a talisman against ill wishes and curses.

Green Fluorite - Neutralises negative energy.

Black Obsidian - One of the most protective stones that is used to cleanse negative energies. It does not only remove negativity in the space, but also gets rid of a person’s undesired feelings, such as anger, resentment, fear, anxiety and many other unwanted emotions.

  • Wear Black Obsidian Jewellery as a shield, as a psychic barrier when dark feelings and depressive thoughts become intrusive.
  • Loosely stack several stones, one atop the other in your home and enjoy the power of rebirth and revitalisation.
  • Wear Bloodstone in jewellery or carry around in your pocket, as a protective stone. Going back to ancient Greece, Rome, and Mesopotamia, it was worn as a protection against injury and disease. Bloodstone also protects the wearer against bullying, violence, and threats. It creates strength in the wearer and enables him or her to resist negative forces.
  • Keep a piece of Green Fluorite close by as it absorbs and neutralises negative energy and stress.
  • Place a piece of Tiger's Eye close to the front door or window for protection for your home.
  • Tiger’s Eye bracelets, pendants, and rings are all popular ways of keeping the stone close to the skin.

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