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Traditional Ayurveda Incense Sticks - Healing & Recovery

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Introducing our exquisite Incense Sticks – Elevate Your Senses and Space!

This herbal scent is used to heal and regenerate and is said to support recovery from illness.

Are you searching for a unique and transformative sensory experience? Look no further than our premium Incense Sticks. Handmade by artisans in India using the highest quality ingredients and care, these aromatic wonders promise to ignite your senses and infuse your surroundings with captivating fragrances that soothe, inspire, and transport you to a realm of tranquillity.

Why choose Satya Incense Sticks?

🌸 Aromatic Bliss: Satya Incense Sticks are meticulously hand-rolled using a blend of the finest, all-natural ingredients, including pure, high-quality resins and essential oils. Each stick is a work of art, designed to release enchanting scents that will instantly transport you to places of serenity and bliss.

🕯️ Long-Lasting Fragrance: Each stick is specially formulated to burn slowly and evenly, providing you with hours of delightful fragrance. This means you can enjoy the benefits of our incense for an extended period, making it perfect for relaxation, meditation, or setting a peaceful ambience.

🌞 Enhance Your Well-Being: Our Incense Sticks go beyond scent; they have been carefully chosen to induce a sense of calm and positivity. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day, focus during yoga and meditation, or create a welcoming atmosphere for guests, these incense sticks are your perfect companions.

Immerse yourself in a world of fragrant delight and tranquillity with our Incense Sticks. Ideal for both personal use and gifting, they are your gateway to a more serene and aromatic living space. Order yours today and let the journey to relaxation begin. Transform your surroundings, elevate your senses, and create an ambience that resonates with your inner peace.

Add our Incense Sticks to your cart now and embrace the art of relaxation and rejuvenation!

Each pack contains 10-12 vegan-friendly incense sticks.


*** All my crystals are consciously sourced.

because crystals touch many hands before they get to me there is no way i can 100% guarantee that my crystals are ethically sourced. however i do my best to research where my crystals are coming from and how and by whom they are mined.