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Strawberry Quartz Puffy Heart

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This beautiful Strawberry Quartz puffy heart is perfect to carry around with you or use in a grid or simply at it to your crystal collection.

This heart measures 6 x 6 x 3cm.

You will receive the heart pictured.


Love | Relaxation | Grounding

Strawberry Quartz carries a vibrational energy of love, and it can help you love yourself.

Strawberry Quartz can bring a sense of calm and tranquillity during times of stress, and its gentle, nurturing vibration helps in the search for your soulmate or perfect love partner.

Strawberry Quartz has the ability to show you your life purpose and help you to work towards fulfilling your destiny. It can show you your path in life and bring you the answers you seek regarding finding your own bliss.

Strawberry Quartz will ensure that your talents don’t go unnoticed and that people start recognising your hidden talents.

Strawberry Quartz will show you the path that you were always meant to take but didn’t know how to until now.

Strawberry Quartz is the perfect way to get some peace of mind and relax even though there is a lot going on in your life.

Strawberry Quartz brings the energy of friendship and you will soon be making lots of new friends.

The Hematite inclusions in Strawberry Quartz mean that it is also a good grounding stone. Use it when you feel disconnected from the world through worry and anxiety.



Crystal Heart: 
These are any crystal cut into the traditional heart shape symbol. Crystal Hearts represent love, our heart and connect with the energy of our Heart Chakra. These stones can be placed over this chakra in healing work. Small hearts can be carried with you.
Medium to large hearts can be placed around the home, bedroom or within crystal grids. Crystal Hearts can help to attract love or a new relationship. They help heal the heart and emotional wounds. Hearts bring loving energies and help balance relationships.

*** All my crystals are consciously sourced.

because crystals touch many hands before they get to me there is no way i can 100% guarantee that my crystals are ethically sourced. however i do my best to research where my crystals are coming from and how and by whom they are mined.