October Crystal Subscription Box

Crystals have been used in homes to ward off negative feelings, encourage prosperity, improve sleep and create harmony for centuries. Your home is where you unwind and connect with loved ones – and crystals can help ensure your space remains both cozy and safe.

So with that in mind I have curated a box of beautiful crystals to help you turn your home into a sacred space for you, your family and friends.

Here is some information on each of the crystals that were included in the box and how you can use them in your daily life.

Black Tourmaline Palmstone

Black Tourmaline is cleansing and protective, so is perfect for the entrance to your home. Place it on a window or shelf near the door to help protect your home from unwanted negative vibes.

Rose Quartz Raw Piece

Create a nurturing and safe retreat in your bedroom by placing Rose Quartz crystals throughout the space to establish an atmosphere of gentle kindness. Rose Quartz activates and balances the heart chakra and represents the vibration of calming, soothing love. Because it encourages rest and sweet dreams, it is a wonderful crystal for children’s rooms.

Sodalite Heart

Sodalite helps you express things in the best way possible. Because of this, it’s said to be effective in ending disagreements. And Sodalite can also be used for calmness and tranquility.

Carnelian Mini Tower

Carnelian is an uplifting, energising crystal, so it’s a great one for increasing your creativity, perfect to have in the kitchen while you’re whipping up a feast.

Elite Shungite Raw Piece

Modern homes are overloaded with harmful energy from EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies), emitted by computers and smartphones. Shungite’s special properties have been proven to neutralise and purify EMFs. Place a piece of Shungite on your desk to transform electromagnetic build up and keep your workspace clear. You can also put smaller pieces of Shungite near outlets when you are charging electronics.

Green Aventurine Mushroom

 Green Aventurine is great for your plants whether indoors or outdoors. It guides earthly energy up into the roots to pulse vitality throughout your plants. Bury it into the soil of your garden or potted plants.


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